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'A War On Friendly Grounds' Brings Black Military Experience To GI Film Festival

GI Film Festival San Diego Logo for Virtual Event from May 18-23 2021.
In this year's GI Film Festival, a number of films shine a light on the unique perspective of black experience in the military.

The GI Film Festival is underway this week in San Diego, bringing with it a host of films that present a diverse spectrum of identities within the military experience.

Entries in this year’s festival explore themes such as women in service, post-traumatic growth and the Black military experience.


In the film “A War On Friendly Grounds,” viewers are given insight into the complex perspective and experience of a Black serviceman who returns to civilian life in the U.S., only to face the perils of racial discrimination.

The film's director, King Jaquell Martin, joined Midday Edition on Wednesday to discuss his experiences that led to the films creation.

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