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Winter storm blasts much of the US, but not San Diego

An airplane landing at San Diego International Airport, November, 18, 2016.
Megan Wood
An airplane landing at San Diego International Airport, Nov., 18, 2016.

The forecast for this holiday weekend in San Diego looks a lot more like summer than December. But the rest of the country is going to get a strong dose of winter. Even states that are typically warm this time of year, like Florida, are going to be much colder than normal through Christmas Day and into next week.

A bulletin from the National Weather Service (NWS) says a "strong arctic high pressure system," was sweeping down from Canada on Tuesday and appears poised to march toward the Great Plains, the Midwest and into the Southeast on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, bringing life-threatening blizzard conditions and cold weather systems across 17 states.

Millions of Americans may want to reconsider their holiday travel plans. Some airlines —like American Airlines, JetBlue and Delta — have begun offering customers more flexibility on their flights.


NWS San Diego meteorologist Brian Adams joined Midday Edition Wednesday to talk about the scope of the storm and how it may affect holiday travel.