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Daily Report: Taliban Attack After Obama Visit, Officials Worry Militants Could Implant Bombs Inside Human Bodies, Military Tightens Rules to Prevent Child Abuse

President Barack Obama in Kabul, Afghanistan
President Barack Obama in Kabul, Afghanistan

Taliban kill 7 in Afghan capital after Obama visit - Associated Press "The Taliban struck back less than two hours after President Barack Obama left Afghanistan on Wednesday, targeting a foreigners' housing compound with a suicide car bomb and militants disguised as women in an assault that killed at least seven people."

Western authorities fear militants will carry implanted bombs - Reuters "U.S. and allied officials said they are increasingly concerned that doctors working with al Qaeda's Yemen-based affiliate will implant bombs inside living militants in order to try to circumvent airport security measures and bring down aircraft."

Child supervision rules tightened after molestation reports in KMC - Stars and Stripes "The military is tightening adult supervision rules for children ages 5 and 6 following reports of child molestation and attempted child abduction on Kaiserslautern-area military bases over the last several months."


Iran is top ‘contingency’ in whittled U.S. war plans - The Washington Times "The U.S. military is discussing significant changes in its war plans to adhere to President Obama's strategic guidance that downplays preparing for conflicts such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and counts on allies to provide additional troops."

Suspect Arrested in Navy Veterans Fundraising Scam - Associated Press "A fugitive on the run for more than two years has been arrested on accusations that he ran a scam that collected $100 million in donations from people in dozens of states who believed they were helping U.S. Navy veterans, Ohio's attorney general and the U.S. Marshals Service announced Tuesday."