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Military Lovers Of 'My Little Pony' Make Headlines

Military Brony showing his love for Pinkie Pie
Military Brony showing his love for Pinkie Pie

They're men. They're in the U.S. military. And they love "My Little Pony." They are Military Bronies, and darn proud of who they are and what they love.

The Facebook community page for the Military Bronies has more than 2,000 members.

They describe themselves on the page as all encompassing:

Whether you are active duty, guard/reserve, retired or did your enlistment and got out, if you ever wore the uniform and are a Brony, this is your place! (That said, all are welcome. Ponyville is all about acceptance.)

Wikipedia defines a Brony (bro+pony) as a male fan, typically aged 18 to 35, of the animated program My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

One concern in the community is Military Bronies wearing patches on their uniforms that show their love for the Ponies. This is a no-no, and the administrator of the Military Brony Facebook page reminds his readers of this rule:

[T]here are plenty of ways to show your brony pride without running afoul of the uniform regulations. We are bronies, and we are professionals!

Are YOU a Military Brony? What is it about My Little Pony that makes you a fan? Have your say in our comments section!