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Wish Comes True For San Diego Military Child At Disneyland (Video)

Military Child Wishes For Dad To Return From Afghanistan

The four-year-old daughter of a San Diego-based Marine made a wish at Disneyland's Snow White wishing well that her father would come home from Afghanistan. Little Alyssa Brown didn't realize that Snow White had a big surprise up her sleeve.

Alyssa's mom, Jennifer Love Brown, posted video on YouTube of her husband Scott surprising his little girl, and making her wish come true.

Jennifer wrote on YouTube that her friend, Anna, helped come up with the idea of a surprise military reunion:

"I thought that I would just take Alyssa over & we throw coins in, make our wish & Scott would walk out - but Snow White was actually there & ready to leave after her turn of greeting guests, but Anna & the Disney ladies asked for her to stay longer in order to help with our surprise. Alyssa was excited to go to Disneyland, but was sad Scott was not going to be with us. Turn your sound up - its pretty touching what Alyssa told Snow White."

This video gets a big Home Post Tearjerker Alert!