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Soldier Killed By Rocket Propelled Grenade In Afghanistan

Spc. Christopher R. Drake
Spc. Christopher R. Drake

Louisiana National Guardsman Spc. Christopher R. Drake, 20, was killed May 26 in Bagram, Afghanistan when a rocket propelled grenade hit his vehicle.

The Department of Defense reports Drake was assigned to the 1084th Transportation Company, 165th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion, 139th Regional Support Group, Reserve, Louisiana.

According to Drake's Facebook page, he lived in Tickfaw, Louisiana and was recently engaged to be married. On May 14, he posted the lyrics to the song "Drink One For Me" by Jason Aldean:

You don't know how bad,<br><br>I wish I was home<br><br>Can't wait to get back,<br><br>But while I'm gone<br><br>Y'all carry on.<br><br>Drink one for me, for all the old times<br><br>We tore up that town, raised hell alright<br><br>Tell the boys, thanks for having my back<br><br>Some of the best memories I've ever had<br><br>So go on and get crazy<br><br>And drink one for me