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Medal Of Honor Recipient Capt. William Swenson Requests Return To Active Duty (Video)

President Obama awards retired Army Capt. William Swenson the Medal of Honor.
Department of Defense
President Obama awards retired Army Capt. William Swenson the Medal of Honor.

Retired Army Capt. William Swenson is being inducted into the the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes today, one day after President Obama awarded him the Medal of Honor.

The 34-year-old Swenson was humble upon receiving the nation's highest military honor. He told reporters after the ceremony:

“The value of an award is truly what we as a nation put into it, what we value it as. This award is earned with a team -- a team of our finest Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy and our Afghan partners standing side by side. Now that team includes Gold Star families who lost their fathers, sons and husbands that day. This medal represents them -- it represents us.”

In a surprising move, Swenson, who has been out of the service since 2011, requested a return to active duty. Unnamed officials told The Associated Press that Swenson submitted a formal request to the Army to return to the service:

Swenson...left the a captain, but he could rise to the rank of major once he rejoins. In order to successfully re-enlist, Swenson will have to pass a physical, a drug test and other routine reviews. But officials Tuesday were optimistic it would all fall into place.

In case you missed Home Post's live feed of Tuesday's Medal of Honor ceremony, I've posted video of the event below: