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Marine From Fallbrook Awarded Silver Star (Video)

Marine Corps 1st Lt. Kenneth Conover of Fallbrook was awarded the Silver Star this week for his heroic actions during a six-day battle in Qaleh-ye Gaz, Afghanistan in 2012.

Conover was serving as platoon commander for 1st platoon, Delta Co. 1st Battalion, 7th Marines (based at Twenynine Palms) when the June 22-June 27 attack by enemy insurgents took place.

Conover told 1st Marine Division public affairs that the Silver Star is an award not just for him, the the Marines who served with him:

"I couldn’t have been set up with better men or better Marines. I will wear this medal every day and think of the Marines who were not able to come home with us.”

Marine Corps squad leader Sgt. Kenneth Rick also was awarded a Silver Star for the Qaleh-ye Gaz battle, according to UT San Diego. In addition, Staff Sgt. Joshua Brodrick and Sgt. Nicholas Brandau earned Bronze Stars.

Conover will soon head up to Monterey, Calif. to study financial management at the Naval post Graduate School.

(You'll find an interview with Conover posted up top.)