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Male Model And West Point Grad Killed By Train (Video)

Greg Plitt
Greg Plitt

George "Greg" Plitt Jr. wasn't your typical male model. The 37-year-old who called Southern California home was a West Point graduate who'd served five years in the Army, according to The Associated Press.

On Jan. 17, Plitt was hit and killed by a train while filming a workout video on railroad tracks in Burbank.

Burbank Police Sgt. Scott Meadows told People magazine investigators believe Plitt's death was a tragic accident:

"It does not appear to be a suicide. A camera was seized as evidence but it's unclear who it belongs to – the victim or a witness. From the sound of it, he was filming something, but I can tell you that no filming permit had been issued."

Plitt's personal website detailed his career in the entertainment industry:

Greg can be seen on the big screen in ‘The Good Shepard’ with Robert DeNiro, ‘Terminator Salvation’ with Christian Bale, ‘Grudge Match’ with Sylvester Stallone and ‘The Watchmen’ where he was the iconic body of Dr. Manhattan.

I have to be honest, when I first saw Plitt's picture, I couldn't get over how familiar he looked to me. It turns out he worked as a carpenter on the HGTV program "Designed to Sell," which I watched religiously before it was cancelled in 2011. Plitt was so ridiculously good-looking and charismatic I had to Google him, and find out more about his background.

You'll find video posted below, filmed on railroad tracks in 2013, of Plitt exhibiting his fitness abilities. Rest in peace, Greg.

Greg Plitt Train Track Workout Video