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Roundtable: Avoiding Eviction During COVID-19

A sign advertises a one bedroom apartment for rent in front of a building in Golden Hill. Jan. 27, 2021.
KPBS Staff
A sign advertises a one bedroom apartment for rent in front of a building in Golden Hill. Jan. 27, 2021.
Struggles in accessing and using rent relief programs in California, a San Diego lawmaker wants to give fast-food workers more of a voice in the industry, and how San Diego's largest newspaper plans to cover the upcoming recall election.

Is Rent Relief Really Helping?


California is spending billions of dollars on rent relief programs to help those who have fallen at risk for eviction during the pandemic. But accessing the money, and getting a landlord to accept it, is not as simple as it might seem. CalMatters housing reporter Manuela Tobias joins us to talk about all the hoops recipients need to jump through and why some are still worried about eviction when the moratorium ends this summer.

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Improving Low Wage Labor Standards

San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez is pushing a bill that would establish a new council for the fast-food industry. The board would give a voice to rank and file workers in deciding policies and oversight. Jeong Park covers economic inequality for The Sacramento Bee and joins us to talk about details of the proposal and the challenges fast-food workers are facing during the pandemic. This week, President Joe Biden used part of his speech to Congress to call for a $15 dollar minimum wage, which is an entry point in a series of issues that workers say need to be addressed.

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How To Cover A Recall

A lot has changed since California’s last gubernatorial recall election in 2003. The San Diego Union-Tribune’s opinion and editorial director Matt Hall joins us to talk about the paper’s strategy for covering such a unique political event in a vastly different media landscape. One of the key challenges will be determining who is considered a serious candidate in a field that might number in the dozens.

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