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Roundtable: Coronado Coach Fired Following Racist Postgame Incident

Tortillas are shown on the floor of the basketball court at Coronado High School following a game on June 19, 2021.
Josh Alexander via 10News
Tortillas are shown on the floor of the basketball court at Coronado High School following a game on June 19, 2021.
Racist taunting by fans at a high school basketball game leads to one of the coaches losing his job, Vice-President Kamala Harris visits the border region in Texas, and the latest rise in downtown San Diego's homeless population.

Racism In High School Sports

A racist incident tainted a high school championship basketball game when tortillas were thrown toward players of Escondido’s Orange Glen High School, which has a largely Latino population. Coronado High School’s basketball coach was fired a few days later, and the school has issued a formal apology to Orange Glen. KPBS race and equity reporter Cristina Kim talks with us about the larger conversation around race and restorative justice in San Diego.

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Action At The Border

Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott is on his way out. Scott, who previously led the San Diego sector, was the last in a revolving door of agency heads that cycled through the Trump Administration. Author and former KPBS border reporter Jean Guerrero shares her thoughts on his departure and Vice-President Kamala Harris’ plan to visit the border region. Also, we’ll talk about her op-ed for the Los Angeles Times on a plan to offer citizenship to undocumented essential workers.

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Downtown’s Homeless Situation Worsens

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria recently described homelessness in the downtown area “wholly unacceptable” as the situation seemingly gets worse. A recent report by Voice of San Diego’s Lisa Halverstadt details the jump in the number of homeless residents and reports of open drug use and erratic behavior. More shelter beds will come available soon, but questions over the region's long-term strategy persist.


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