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Live results: 2024 Primary Election - Assembly District 74

State Assembly District 74 candidates, Laurie Davies (left) and Chris Duncan (right) are shown in undated campaign photos.
Laurie Davies campaign, Chris Duncan campaign
State Assembly District 74 candidates, Laurie Davies (left) and Chris Duncan (right) are shown in undated campaign photos.

Live Results

The Republican incumbent in North County’s 74th Assembly District, Laurie Davies, has a narrow advantage over her Democratic challenger, Chris Duncan.

The outcome of the primary has no practical bearing on who wins the legislative seat since both candidates will again face off in November.

California’s 74th District straddles the border between San Diego and Orange County. It includes the cities of Vista and Oceanside, as well as San Clemente and Laguna Niguel.


Why it matters

The 74th Assembly District is a swing district with practically even numbers of registered Republicans and Democrats. The general election there is expected to be very closely watched and very competitive.

Davies has served in the Assembly since 2020, but redistricting moved her from the 73rd district to the 74th two years later. In 2022, she defeated Duncan for the seat.

Prior to being in the California Assembly, Davies served as a city council member and was then appointed mayor of Laguna Niguel.

Democrat Duncan is a former federal prosecutor working for U.S Customs and Border Protection. He is a member of San Clemente City Council, and was a one-time appointed mayor.

By the numbers

The California Secretary of State reports both Democrats and Republicans claim 35% of the registered voters in the district.


Incumbent Davies has amassed the most campaign funds, having nearly $489,000 cash on hand. By comparison, her challenger Duncan has about $283,000.

But Duncan’s fundraising has shown momentum in 2024. This year, leading up to a Feb. 17 reporting deadline, Duncan has raised $265,000 while Davies only raised $45,000.


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