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SANDAG To Survey San Diego Households On Transportation Habits

The San Diego Association of Governments on Monday announced that it's launching a survey that will query one in five area households about transportation habits.

The study of around 200,000 households is designed to help transportation planners better understand how, when and why residents travel in the region, according to SANDAG. The results will be used to help develop infrastructure projects and programs to better meet regional transportation needs.

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SANDAG is sponsoring Measure A, which would raise the sales tax countywide by a half-cent to fund infrastructure projects, including freeway improvements and better public transit. The ballot measure will go before voters in November and requires two-thirds approval to pass.

Participants will be randomly selected — most via a smartphone app but some online or by phone. They'll be asked questions about when and where they travel; whether they drive alone, carpool, vanpool, walk, bike, or use public transit; and the costs of their transportation choices taking into account things like parking and transit fares.

"Good participation by San Diego County residents in this study is vital to our region's ability to address traffic congestion," said county Supervisor Ron Roberts, chairman of the SANDAG Board of Directors.

"Without accurate and up-to-date data on how residents use the transportation network, we would not be able to develop effective solutions," he said.

Participants whose households complete the study will receive either a $10 or $20 gift card per adult, depending on the method they use to complete the survey.


Residents will be invited to participate on a rolling basis, through late October. All of the data is anticipated to be collected by November, according to SANDAG, which last conducted a major transportation survey 10 years ago.