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San Diego weekend arts events: A singing devil, the Go-Go’s, and punk rock

 May 25, 2023 at 2:30 PM PDT

S1: You're listening to Midday Edition on KPBS. I'm Jade Hindman. We want to continue the conversation about some of the arts and culture happenings this weekend. There are three very different ways you can experience some music this weekend , right ? Right.


S3: Let's start with the North Park Music Festival. It comes to North Park and the little mini park. It's this weekend , a two day festival , so there's a lot of bands. It's pretty indie and rock heavy. Headlining Saturday is a band called Mr. Tube and The Flying Objects. It's a project from Paul Jenkins , who he's famous for bands like Three Mile Pilot and the Black Heart Procession. So some of those big iconic San Diego indie bands from the 90s and then headlining on Sundays , a band called El 1011 also playing our Wild , Wild West , Dead Feather Moon , and this LA singer , Kate Clover. I love her sort of punk energy. This one is called Your Phone's Off the Hook , but you're not driving to. Advance tickets for the North Park Music Festival are $45 each day , which makes the two day pass a pretty good deal at $60. And you can also get $10 tickets to the Friday preview night. They have staggered shows at Queen Bees and seven Grand.

S1: Diversionary Theatre's latest play has music from the pop band The Go-Go's , combined with a story that's centuries old. So tell us about this one.

S3: Yeah , it's called Head Over Heels , and it's what's known as a jukebox musical. So instead of like original songs that the characters kind of sing to tell the story , they use existing songs like Popular music. And in this case , it's the late 70s and 80s band The Go-Go's , and it's an adaptation of Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia. So some chivalric literature from the 16th century. It's basically about a royal family that has to try and counteract this prophecy of doom. And it's all set to pop punk music. This is by playwright Jeff Witty , who's famous for Avenue Q. He won a Tony Award for that one. And this play opens tonight at Diversionary and Previews , and it will be on stage through June 18th.

S1: And finally , here's a different musical performance. The San Diego Symphony is doing a special concert this weekend at the Shell to close out their current season , and it involves Venezuelan folklore and some visual elements like costumes , video , light and film.

S3: There's Evancho , Castellanos and Antonio Estévez. And this right here is Estévez Cantata Criolla , which was written in 1954.

UU: I'll bring all.

S3: The pieces inspired by this mythic poem about a man who gets into a singing contest with the devil. And it's structured in this Venezuelan style. And they'll be joined by some solo choral singers , as well as the San Diego Master Chorale. It'll be accompanied by a film by Venezuelan filmmaker Alberto Avalos that will be kind of projected behind the symphony as they play. I've seen a little clip of this film. It's beautiful. It's a black and white film. It's really evocative and it plays up the gravity and the suspense of this music. So it's all this huge celebration of Venezuelan art , which is fitting for our Venezuelan born maestro , Rafael. It's also a really impressive , big , showy way to close out the season. There's two shows Friday and Saturday nights at 730.

S1: All right. I've been speaking with KPBS arts producer and editor Julia Dixon Evans. You can find details on these and more arts events or sign up for Julia's weekly KPBS arts newsletter at Julia , thank you so much for joining us.

S3: Thank you , Jade. Have a good weekend.

S4: You too.

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A still from filmmaker Alberto Arvelo's film that will accompany the San Diego Symphony's May 26-27, 2023 performances of Venezuelan composer Antonio Estévez's "Cantata Criolla."
Alberto Arvelo / Courtesy of the San Diego Symphony
A still from filmmaker Alberto Arvelo's film that will accompany the San Diego Symphony's May 26-27, 2023 performances of Venezuelan composer Antonio Estévez's "Cantata Criolla."

There’s a diverse range of music offerings in San Diego this Memorial Day weekend, including the two-day North Park Music Fest. The Diversionary Theatre’s new jukebox musical “Head Over Heels,” will also be open for previews and features music by 80’s pop band The Go-Go’s.

Plus, the San Diego Symphony will close out its season with work by two Venezuelan composers, Evencio Castellanos and Antonio Estévez.

KPBS/Arts producer and editor Julia Dixon Evans joined Midday Edition to talk more about how to catch these upcoming performances and other arts and culture happenings.


Julia Dixon Evans, KPBS/Arts producer and editor