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Famed Beatles Photographer at Morrison Hotel Gallery

Famed Beatles Photographer at Morrison Hotel Gallery
Robert Whitaker is the photographer behind one of the most controversial album covers ever released. It was called "The Butcher Cover" and featured The Beatles in white lab coats covered in blood, raw meat, and dismembered baby dolls. It was recalled almost immediately because it was so outrageous. Robert was also a war correspondent during the Vietnam War. His photographs will be on view at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in La Jolla.

Maureen Cavanuagh: The 1960s was a decade of extremes. While many young people around the world were screaming with joy for British rock bands like the Beatles, other young people were fighting and dying on battlefields in Vietnam. Photographer Robert Whitaker found himself right in the middle of both those worlds. He got the amazing post as staff photographer of the Beatles' music company in 1964 and by 1970 he was wounded while working as a photojournalist in Vietnam. Robert Whitaker is in San Diego for the opening of an exhibit of his photographs at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in La Jolla.

The Photography of Robert Whitaker will be on display through May 24th at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in La Jolla. An opening reception for the artist where you can meet Mr, Whitaker takes place this Saturday night from 6-9pm. You can see the famous "butcher cover" at the KPBS arts blog Culture Lust.



Robert Whitaker is a veteran photographer who photographed The Beatles, Cream and the Vietnam and Indo-Pakistani wars. His photos are on display in a new exhibit at the Morrison Hotel Gallery. He is best known for having taken the famous Butcher Cover on the Beatles album Yesterday and Today.