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San Diegans Get Their First Swine Flu Vaccinations

San Diego county today gave patients their first doses of swine flu vaccine, in the form of a nasal mist. The vaccinations are being given to a select group of people.

The people being targeted with the county's first doses of H1N1 vaccine are healthy children, between ages 2 to 18, and people who have household contact with infants under six months. San Diego county health officer Wilma Wooten says not all people in high risk categories qualify for the the first vaccines.

Pregnant women, for instance, can't get the flu mist because it's not FDA-approved for them. The San Diego county health department has already received its first doses of vaccine. Wooten says the county will get a total of 28,000 vaccinations in just its first shipment.


"Overall for the month of October, the entire county will get about 411,000 doses," she said.

It's expected to take months for San Diego county to receive enough vaccine for all the people who need it.