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Adoption fees slashed through Sunday at San Diego Humane Society

It happens every year around the Fourth of July. Hundreds of animals, spooked by loud fireworks, run away and end up at the San Diego Humane Society. The problem this year, the Humane Society doesn’t have much room left, and they need your help. Here’s KPBS reporter John Carroll.

The discounts are meant to get animals adopted out to make room for the hundreds of runaways who typically end up at shelters every year after noisy Fourth of July celebrations.

Fireworks are set to go off in many parts of the county this Independence Day. It's colorful, noisy fun for humans, but not so much for animals.

Two hundred and seventy animals were taken in by the San Diego Humane Society after the Fourth of July celebrations in 2021. This year, the group doesn’t have room for anywhere near that many. So, to make space, the Society is extending a promotion that slashes adoption fees.

“They’re normally $100. ... With our promotion going on, it’s only $20 for adult dogs and cats. Normally cats are $65," Humane Society adoption counselor Mei Elizaga said. Kittens get adopted out much faster than adult cats, so there is no discount for them.


In a temporary facility where kitties, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters are living while the main facility is renovated, there is a menagerie of adorable four-legged friends looking for their forever homes, and fees for adopting them are discounted, too.

“So, right now, our small animals are going to be on a promotion for $5. That does not include the 12-hour vaccine for our rabbits. But normally rabbits are $30, as well as guinea pigs. We’ve also got some hamsters here," said Elizaga.

The discount fees promotion runs through this Sunday. Hopefully, by then enough of the animals will have been adopted so that there will be room for the inevitable runaways and strays that will end up at the society next week.

You can help by keeping your pets inside on the Fourth, away from the loud noises.

Or, if you don’t have an animal companion, now is a really great time to make your home someone's forever home.