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Scuba Diving Soldier Dad Creates Perfect Surprise Reunion (Video)

Scuba Diving Soldier Surprises Family

Bethany Bronson and her four children were enjoying their day at the Kadena Marina on Okinawa in Japan, counting down the weeks until Capt. Bronson would return home to them from Afghanistan. But Bethany's husband had other plans. With the creative use of Scuba gear, Capt. Bronson pulled off one of the most touching military family reunions in recent memory.

Bethany wrote on YouTube:

After being in Afghanistan for 6 months and 3 months of training in the States before that with only a short month home in between, he is finally home! We thought he was coming home 3 weeks from now, but he is sneaky. We can't believe he is finally back home with us!

I dare you to watch this without getting choked up. It's OK, just tell your workmates you have allergies...