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FakeBabyGate: The 'American Sniper' Movie Controversy (Video)

Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle holding a fake baby.
Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle holding a fake baby.

Progressives say the movie "American Sniper" is war propaganda. Conservatives contend the film honors a great patriot. But there is one matter both sides seem to agree on: That is one super fake-looking baby Bradley Cooper is holding in the movie.

Jason Hall, the man who wrote the "American Sniper" screenplay, put in his two cents. The Hollywood Reporter quotes him as explaining in a since-deleted Tweet:

"Hate to ruin the fun but real baby #1 showed up with a fever. Real baby #2 was no show. (Clint voice) Gimme the doll, kid."

What does Fake Baby have to say about the controversy that weighs heavy on her tiny, plastic shoulders? Grantland was able to score an interview with the doll, who calls herself "Bedtime Brenda." Here's an excerpt:

Q: "This must have been a very difficult few days for you, with all the 'fake baby' talk about your role in the movie."

A: "It hasn’t been very fun! I like fun! It’s hurtful to be called a 'fake baby.' I’m not a fake baby! I’m a real live synthetic actor now. I have an SAG card. “Fake baby” is very dismissive for all the work I’ve put in. I pay dues now like everybody else."
There are now several Twitter accounts that claim to belong to Fake Baby. None of them has the Verified Account blue check, but @TheFakeBaby has the most followers.

For a more in-depth investigative report, check out CNN's Jeanne Moos' take on the bogus baby brouhaha: