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From brokenness comes beauty

 December 10, 2021 at 9:26 AM PST
Kinsee Morlan
Michelle Guerrero, also known as Mr B Baby, stands in front of one of her murals in San Ysidro in September 2021.

Border artist Michelle Guerrero struggled with addiction for years, but a surprise pregnancy helped her straighten out her life. Eventually, she taught herself how to paint large-scale murals, in part, by painting murals on the actual border fence.

These days, she goes by Mr B Baby, and she travels the West Coast and Mexico, painting huge Mexican-inspired murals in a style that is her own.

Now the artist just has to figure out how to balance being a single mother with her skyrocketing success.

Today’s story continues our new season of "Port of Entry" focused on artists and musicians who’ve turned pain into power.