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Niru Ramachandran, Producers Club Specialist

Niru Ramachandran

Producers Club Specialist

Niru Ramachandran joined KPBS as the Producers Club specialist in December 2016, after volunteering with the development department for a year and a half. She is the go-to person for all Producers Club-related matters, from updating payment methods for sustaining pledges to explaining how to switch to support from donor-advised funds and IRA/Qualified Charitable Disbursements, from walking members through activating KPBS Passport, to… just about anything KPBS-related. Niru began listening to and watching KPBS when she moved to San Diego from Singapore in 1995, and set out on a career as an executive assistant, supporting senior and C-level executives at various companies in San Diego and Silicon Valley (where she missed KPBS’s programming choices). Members of the KPBS Producers Club since 2012, she and her partner were such stalwart supporters that when they finally tied the knot that year after 10 years together, they asked family and friends to contribute to KPBS in lieu of gifts, apparently a first for the station!