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San Diego Week Special Edition

On this special edition of San Diego Week we bring you some of our most memorable stories from earlier this year. First, the true costs and benefits of illegal immigration, then you'll hear about a gang problem in San Diego's North County, we'll tell you why California's prisons are so crowded and so costly, and why honey bees are disappearing. You'll also hear about one family's journey from an Iraqi refugee camp to a home in El Cajon.


What Are True Costs And Benefits Of Illegal Immigration?

When Arizona passed its new immigration law earlier this year, it began a fire storm of debate throughout the country. Especially here in California, home to the largest number of undocumented immigrants. KPBS wanted to cut through the spin, and find out the true costs and benefits of illegal immigration. Reporter Alison St. John spoke to people on both sides of the debate to get answers.


Life in Prison: California Medical Facility

California has an over-crowding problem in its prisons. This year, KPBS investigated why the state's prisons are so crowded and so costly. What we found - a growing number of aging and sick inmates. KPBS spent a day at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville, California and brought back this report.


Gangs In San Diego's North County

Some might consider San Diego's North County to be an area of scenic coastlines, quaint main streets and suburban homes. But police say underneath that pleasant exterior lies a severe gang problem. As part of our series, San Diego Gang Stories, KPBS Reporter Ana Tintocalis tells us how gangs are affecting lives in all corners of the North County. The story begins in Oceanside.


The Mystery Of San Diego's Vanishing Honey Bees

Imagine a world without apples, almonds and broccoli. It takes honey bees to pollinate most of our favorite fruits, nuts and vegetables. But the bees are mysteriously disappearing. Some commercial beekeepers in San Diego have already been affected by this phenomenon. KPBS Environment Reporter Ed Joyce tells us beekeepers are keeping a close eye on the research, some of it at UC San Diego.


Palestinian Refugees In El Cajon

Since the war in Iraq began in 2003, thousands of Iraqis have fled that country's violence. San Diego County has become a top destination for many of these people. In our next story, KPBS producer Andy Trimlett brings us one family's harrowing journey from Iraqi refugee camps to a new life in El Cajon.

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dherrer1 | November 27, 2010 at 1:44 p.m. ― 6 years, 3 months ago

This interview on illegal immigration is amazing. It's pretty clear that the benefits go to a few based on their greed and only their green. The costs go to all the other tax payers who just sit by and watch themselves get ripped off. This issue about agriculture leaving the state is just a old song replayed everytime you go up against the states agribusiness gaints. Rememeber Cesear Chavez and the UFW..well they are still here!!!! It's an ilegal subsidy to these industries and needs to be stopped. Poverty in Mexico is a Mexican government problem not an american taxpayer problem. Their government needs to start to really address this issue, not just pay lip service to it and watch 20 million mexicans just head north. Of course the fact that they send back 20+ billion dollars a year just escapes them...yaaa right. I really feel for these people but we can't solve their problems by letting a few people taht advantage of it. If this labor is not available agriculture will respond to the new reality and find or invent machines to do the work. We have always done this. And if toursits have to pay a few bucks more for their hotel or dinner..soooo whatttt!!!!!

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