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Roundtable: California's Most Expensive Ballot Measure

Uber and Lyft drivers protest at the San Diego International Airport demanding higher wages, May 8, 2019.
Matt Hoffman
Uber and Lyft drivers protest at the San Diego International Airport demanding higher wages, May 8, 2019.
Major money fuels California's Prop 22, how San Diego's Measure E could impact the city's climate plan, and the partisan battle for control of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

Big Money Boosts Gig Economy Proposition

More than $200 million is being spent to sway California voters on Prop 22. Voters are being asked to carve out independent contractor exemptions for app-based gig workers. Doing so would sidestep AB 5, the employment law authored by San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez. The vast majority of money being spent comes from Prop 22 supporters including Lyft, Uber, Postmates and other tech companies that might be forced to change their business models if the proposition fails.

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Rebuilding San Diego Under Climate Change

San Diego’s Measure E would eliminate a 1970s-era height restriction in the Midway District. The vote is required to move forward on major redevelopment that could include a new arena. The need for denser neighborhoods in the decades ahead due to climate change could force the city to pursue other redevelopments of long-established neighborhoods. Voice of San Diego environment reporter MacKenzie Elmer looks at the factors that could bring more people to coastal communities, and how changes to building laws may need to be revisited.

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Can Democrats Take Over County Government?

There are many storylines at the County Board of Supervisors as we enter the sprint to election day. Two long-serving members are on their way out. One of those seats will be filled by a Democrat, and if north county Supervisor Kristin Gaspar loses re-election, democrats would end up with 3 of the 5 seats. While the county board is officially non-partisan, the potential makeup is drawing more attention to these campaigns and poses a potential shift in priorities in the years to come. Voice of San Diego's Jesse Marx gives us a glimpse at what's at stake in north county, east county, and south bay.


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