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Some residents at Vista mobile home park still unable to return

Denise Dougi had to leave all her worldly possessions behind apart from a few essentials when disaster struck at Green Valley Mobile Home Park last Thursday morning.

“It was my sanctuary,” she said. “Nobody lives there but me. I’m really sad not to be able to go into my house with my things.”

Flooding caused a sinkhole behind Dougi’s home, resulting in 17 residents being ordered to evacuate by emergency crews.


Since then, Dougi has been staying with her mother. She has no idea when, or if, she’ll be able to return.

“I’ve just decorated my living room," Dougi said. “I’ve been there three years and I finally felt comfortable enough to start decorating and now I can’t get back in. It will be what it will be. I’m confident we’ll all be ok. It’s just frustrating."

Another resident, Rich Cruse, was forced to spend a few nights in a hotel, but was able to move back into his home over the weekend.

He’s now worried about the financial impact this could have.

“My finances aren't great and the possibility of me being able to sell my home anytime soon is low at the moment,” he said. “I love this place, but until this is resolved and everyone’s squared away, I’m kind of stuck."


The exact cause of the sinkhole is still unknown, but residents said they’re frustrated by the lack of progress and don't know who will foot the bill.

The city of Oceanside said repairs will begin as soon as the weather allows. In the meantime, contractors are working to prevent any further flooding.

In a letter to residents, Park Management, which runs Green Valley, said its goal was to “remediate the issues as quickly and effectively as possible.”

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