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2012: Top City Government And Military Stories

This video is public. Top City Government and Military Stories of 2012
2012: Top City Government And Military Stories
GUESTS:Katie Orr, KPBS Metro Reporter Beth Ford Roth, KPBS Military Reporter

San Diego got a new mayor this year after a fierce battle between two divisive candidates, Bob Filner and Carl DeMaio. Filner, a Democrat, came out on top, as did many other members of his party.


The city also passed changes to employees' pensions through Proposition B. Whether the measure actually saves the city money was debated before the election, and that debate continues.

Opponents of the measure attempted to block its implementation in court, but a judge struck that down.

Also this year, one Marine tested out his free speech rights. Sgt. Gary Stein was kicked out of the Marines for writing anti-Obama posts on his Facebook page. He now says he plans to run for office.

A photo of two women service members in uniform breastfeeding their infants also caused some controversy.