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KPBS Midday Edition

New KPBS Television Shows Explore San Diego

Host Nan Sterman visits Protea Hills Ranch in Escondido, Calif.
Courtesy of Marianne Gerdes, AGP Productions, LLC
Host Nan Sterman visits Protea Hills Ranch in Escondido, Calif.
Savor San Diego
New KPBS Television Shows Explore San Diego
GUESTSGarden designer, author and botanist, Nan Sterman, is host of the new KPBS series "A Growing Passion"Su Mei Yu is a cook, author and restaurant owner, and now host of the KPBS series, "Savor San Diego"

Explore San Diego

KPBS will hold another open call for programs this summer. KPBS will be looking for programs that are uniquely local, appeal to the diverse KPBS audience, and are able to tell a story. More

San Diego is widely acknowledged as a great place to live. We've got the ocean, the climate, the sunshine — the list goes on and on.

But did you know we've also got an actual organic tofu manufacturing plant in our county? How about a sixth-generation rancher producing grass-fed beef? Or that there are 2,000 native plants found in San Diego — and many of those plants can survive all summer without water.


Two new shows coming up on KPBS Television introduce us to places and people in San Diego that you've never seen.

And the shows are hosted by two women who are passionate about the richness of San Diego's land and cuisine.

In "Savor San Diego,", San Diego chef, restaurateur and cookbook author, Su-Mei Yu, will uncover San Diego’s hidden culinary treasures and show how they can be used to create delicious and healthful dishes at home.

Each episode will introduce viewers to the farmers, fishermen, vendors and others making food right here in San Diego and culminate with a cooking demonstration by Su-Mei Yu.

"A Growing Passion" explores San Diego County’s agriculture, horticulture, gardening and native habitats as an expression of this growing earth-friendly movement.


Host, Nan Sterman, is a well-known San Diego gardening expert. In "A Growing Passion," she explores what’s trending, who’s tending, and how people across the county spend time improving the quality of life for all San Diegans.

"A Growing Passion" airs Thursday nights at 8:30 on KPBS Television.

"Savor San Diego" airs Thursday nights at 9:30 on KPBS Television.

A Growing Passion