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Wednesday Community Conversation Is About Threats To Our Democracy

Dec. 2
By Mark Sauer, Pat Finn

What can we as a country do to shore up democracy?

Narrow Wins In These Key States Powered Biden To The Presidency

Dec. 2
Benjamin Swasey / NPR

Joe Biden topped President Trump by nearly 7 million votes, and 74 votes in the Electoral College, but his victory really was stitched together with narrow margins in key states.

In this Oct. 15, 2020, file photo Attorney Gene...

Barr: No Evidence Of Fraud That Would Change Election Outcome

Dec. 1
Michael Balsamo / Associated Press

His comments come despite President Donald Trump’s repeated claims that the election was stolen, and his refusal to concede his loss to President-Elect Joe Biden.

What Joe Biden's Election Means For Abortion Rights

Dec. 1
Sarah McCammon / NPR

Groups opposed to abortion rights have celebrated many policy wins during the Trump administration. Now, reproductive rights advocates want the president-elect to reverse those actions.

Biden's Coalition Was United In Beating Trump. Governing May Reveal Its Cracks

Dec. 1
Asma Khalid / NPR

Joe Biden won by tapping into a diverse group of voters who were on a mission to defeat President Trump. But now without Trump, Biden faces a daunting challenge to keep that coalition together.

Fired Official Says Correcting Trump's Fraud Claims The 'Right Thing To Do'

Dec. 1
Miles Parks / NPR

Christopher Krebs, who led the federal government's efforts to secure the 2020 election, called the operation near seamless despite President Trump's claims to the contrary.

In this Sept. 23, 2020, file photo White House ...

Trump Science Adviser Scott Atlas Leaving White House Job

Nov. 30
Zeke Miller / Associated Press

A White House official confirmed that the Stanford University neuroradiologist, who had no formal experience in public health or infectious diseases, resigned at the end of his temporary government assignment. Atlas confirmed the news in a Monday evening tweet.

President-elect Joe Biden, accompanied by Vice ...

Completed Wisconsin Recount Confirms Biden's Win Over Trump

Nov. 30
By Associated Press

Wisconsin has finished a recount of its presidential results, confirming Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump in the key battleground state. Biden won the state by about 20,600 votes and his margin in Milwaukee and Dane counties was about 2-to-1. Trump’s next move in Wisconsin will likely be in court.

Biden Names All-Female White House Communications Team; Will Tap Tanden For OMB

Nov. 29
Benjamin Swasey / NPR

The president-elect has emphasized the elevation of women to key roles in his incoming administration.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rejects Republican Suit To Throw Out Ballots

Nov. 29
Jason Slotkin / NPR

One justice writes: "It is not our role to lend legitimacy to such transparent and untimely efforts to subvert the will of Pennsylvania voters."

Biden Gains Votes In Recount Of Milwaukee County Requested By Trump

Nov. 28
Colin Dwyer / NPR

The Trump campaign paid $3 million to get recounts in two heavily Democratic counties in Wisconsin. The effort backfired in Milwaukee County, at least, where Biden expanded his margin of victory.

Republican Infighting Threatens GOP Chances In Georgia Senate Runoffs

Nov. 28
Emma Hurt / NPR

The Republican incumbents are baselessly casting doubt on the state's voting system. Some in the GOP worry their words could depress voter turnout and cost the party two Senate seats.

President Donald Trump arrives to speak in the ...

Appeals Court Rejects Trump Challenge Of Pennsylvania Race

Nov. 27
Maryclaire Dale / Associated Press

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals echoed a string of other courts in finding his campaign offered no evidence of any election fraud. Instead, the court said “the campaign's claims have no merit.”

Wait, Wait, Don't Inaugurate: Why The U.S. Takes So Long To Change Presidents

Nov. 27
Ron Elving / NPR

How is it that the Brits can have a newly elected prime minister meeting with the queen to form a new government within a day or two, but Americans need 10 or 11 weeks to install a new crew?

In this March 17, 2005 file photo Scott Peterso...

Overwhelmed EDD Paid $140 Million In Unemployment Benefits To Prisoners, Including Killers

Nov. 25
Adam Beam / Associated Press

Prosecutors say California’s system for paying unemployment benefits is so dysfunctional that the state approved more than $140 million for at least 20,000 prisoners.

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