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  • How do you balance preparing school children for possible danger but not scaring them more than they already are? Plus, parents of San Diego Unified School District students were notified this week that indoor masking requirements may be reinstated if certain COVID-19 risk levels are reached. And, if you need to communicate with someone online but want to keep it secret, an app called Signal is a good bet. But what happens when government employees start using it? Next, preschool students are expelled and suspended at rates three times higher than kids in K-12 schools. It’s a problem California lawmakers are trying to address with a new bill that would ban the practice that disproportionately impacts Black children. And finally, research has shown the Voting Rights Act of 1965 played a significant role in lowering economic inequality between Black and white Americans, but recent efforts from the U.S. Supreme Court have begun to erode some of those gains.
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