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Two people walking dogs cross the intersection of Kettner Boulevard and Ash S...

Photo by Megan Wood / KPBS

San Diego City Council Scrutinizes Vision Zero Traffic Safety Plans

By Andrew Bowen

San Diego City Council members on Wednesday got an update on the city's plan to reduce traffic deaths to zero by 2025. Advocates for safer streets say the city has shown a lack of commitment to the plan.

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    Community Events

  • Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, And Alpha Conival

    Photo of cast members of the Dungeons and Dragons show

    Conival is open to the public, allowing all attendees the opportunity to participate in fun-filled activities headlined by the return of fan-favorites including Nerdist laser tag, Geek & Sundry’s tabletop lounge, a Wonder Woman cosplay march...

  • Vikings Funeral

    Screen shot of title graphic for the series, VIKINGS on HISTORY.

    A clan of warriors from the hit series "Vikings" will carry the corpse of a fallen warrior through the Gaslamp to his funeral, from Noon-5:45 p.m. Ceremony will commence at 7 p.m. featuring an appearance by the cast and burning longship in the bay.

  • Underground Lightsaber Fighters Tournament

    Promotional photo courtesy of Underground Lightsaber Fighters.

    Join us for a night of epic "Star Wars" fun at the largest lightsaber battle in the country. Fun for all ages, and free to attend. Dress up, bring your lightsabers and battle it out!

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