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The California State Capitol in the early evening in Sacramento, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016.
Associated Press
The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office said Thursday most of the deficit comes from lower than expected tax revenues this year.
  • San Diego County supervisors on Tuesday voted to spend another $3 million to help migrants and asylum seekers. In other news, the San Diego Housing Commission is getting a new CEO, after searching for a new leader for almost two years. Plus, a profile of a local man who calls himself an ethical hacker.
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Harm Reduction San Diego founder Tara Stamos-Buesig holds one of the clean needles they distribute on their RV on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023. Playing
New California initiative seeks to make it easier to prosecute overdose deaths as homicides
The sun powers solar panels on a home in San Diego's City Height's neighborhood on Oct. 5, 2023. Playing
New California rules are crushing the solar industry
International Hill with Tijuana on the left and the American border walls on the right looking west from the American side June 14, 2022. Playing
A tragic milestone: San Diego region reaches new high in border wall injuries
A person inserts a debit card into an ATM in this undated photo. Playing
San Diego area credit unions lean into 'good guy' image while charging millions in overdraft fees
The front of the new Child Development Center on Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Playing
New Miramar child care center expected to shorten wait lists for military families
Two travellers wearing black pull rolling suitcases past a series of 9  canvases showing blue and red swirling abstract designs. Playing
San Diego's airport is an unlikely art museum
Migrants have been waiting as long as 36 hours for flights out of San Diego International Airport. This man slept on the floor near baggage claim while waiting for his flight. Playing
Migrant advocates say county-funded center is mismanaged and lacks transparency
Valentina, 8, plays on the swings at Hilltop Park in West Chula Vista on Oct. 31, 2023. The ongoing closure of Harborside Park has drawn renewed attention to the unequal way that Chula Vista’s parks are distributed across the city. Playing
Harborside Park closure highlights Chula Vista's parkland divide
Dice Moreno (cutting hair) is a learning leader at Paul Mitchell The School. They demonstrate  a style technique for Beau O'Neal, 21, a future professional working with Dean Miller, a transgender client, in San Diego, Calif., November 7, 2023 Playing
Transgender Awareness Week: San Diego stories from a safe space
The California Festival brings the San Diego Symphony to Tijuana for a rare concert
  • Hola Friends!Port of Entry is in full swing showcasing LGBTQ+ stories of the region. In this edition, Natalie and our producer Julio sit down for a video conversation with the features of our first two episodes, Alejandro Sanches and Meritxell Calderon. They discussed a wide range of issues facing the queer community in Baja that didn't make it into the final cut. From current events to the new frontier of queer and human rights in Baja. (little spoiler: they never met each other!)You won't want to miss this enlightening and thought-provoking conversation.Tune in wherever you get your podcasts!Nos vemos pronto!@portofentrypod**************Port of Entry has whole new set of stories for you, this time centered around LGBTQ+ issues.This season we dive with our guests on what it means to be queer in the borderlands, finding yourself and fighting for your rights.Follow hosts Natali Gonzalez and Alan Lilienthal as they sit down with these fascinating people who share their stories. Listen in and join us!If you like this episode, show us some love @portofentrypod.**************From KPBS and PRX, “Port of Entry” tells cross-border stories that connect us. More stories at www.portofentrypod.orgFind us on Facebook.Find us on Instagram.Support our show at Search “Port of Entry” in the gifts section to get our sling bag as a thank-you gift.If your business or nonprofit wants to sponsor our show, email is a gift. Text or call the "Port of Entry" team at 619-500-3197 anytime with questions or comments about the show. Email us at of Entry'' is written, produced and directed by Julio C. Ortiz Franco.Adrian Villalobos is our technical producer and sound designer.Alisa Barba is our editor.Episodes are translated by Julio C. Ortiz Franco and Natali Gonzales.Elma Gonzalez is our Spanish editor.Lisa Morrisette-Zapp is director of audio programming and operations and John Decker is the director of content development.This program is made possible, in part, by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.
  • A proposed ballot initiative could make it easier to prosecute overdose deaths as homicides. In other news, San Diego County will not be implementing a new law next month that expands who can be involuntarily treated for substance abuse disorders. Plus, we learn about Kumeyaay culture and how it’s being preserved.